Everyone has their idea of a perfect pizza. There are some things that all pizzas need to have, which includes good crust, sauce, and cheese. Other toppings are based on personal tastes and preferences. Here in Green Lantern Pizza in Royal Oak Mi (Michigan), we make pizza just the way a person likes it. We have many different toppings to make the best pizza. When looking for pizza in Royal Oak Mi, a person should be sure to stop by Green Lantern Pizza to experience the delicious fresh pizza. 

Green Lantern Pizza makes the best pizza in town. Some trending and most buying toppings which you would like as your toppings are recommended here. Some toppings are not so popular and can taste away from the pie. These are some of the best and worst toppings for pizza. The best pizza in Royal Oak Mi can be found at the Green Lantern Pizza.

Here is The List of Best and Worst Toppings


Best- Mushrooms

This topping uses many different types of mushrooms such as Portobello, wild mushrooms, and porcini mushrooms to give the pizza a fresh flavor. These mushrooms go great with a cheese pizza, and they will provide it with a firm but not overpowering flavor.

Worst- Tuna

Tuna does not go well on a pizza. Tuna and cheese do go together well when making a tuna melt, but it does not work on a pizza. Some people have even put sashimi, which is raw and fresh tuna on a pizza; it didn’t work either. The dough and the cheese did not work with canned or fresh tuna. In this case, it is best to skip the fish and keep tuna for the sandwich.

Best- Artichoke

Fresh artichoke is not a popular choice with most people. They do not know what to do with the leaves. Artichoke does work well on a pizza. The artichoke will add a nutty yet sweet taste to the pizza. The texture of the artichoke has been compared to that of a potato. Artichoke can be the only topping on the pizza, or it can be part of a great veggie pizza.

Assorted Pizzas with Different Toppings

Best- Sun-dried Tomato

People may think that tomato sauce is enough tomato on the pizza. Any type of tomatoes, in addition to the sauce, tastes pretty good on a pizza. A sun-dried tomato will give the pizza even more flavor. When the tomato is sun-dried, the moisture gets removed from it. It will make the flavor of the tomato intense. The texture is also much different. There is a hint of sweetness in the tomato, and it makes a great addition.

Worst- Avocado

While the avocado has a nice and creamy texture, healthy fats and works well in many dishes, pizza is not one of them. The avocado is a little too creamy to go with the rest of the pizza. It does not taste too good when baked on the pizza, either. Fresh avocado does not go well at all. There are some great dishes where this healthy fat can be used, but pizza is not one of them.

Best- Barbeque Chicken

People may be wondering how chicken, along with barbeque sauce, can taste good on a pizza. There have been some pizzas that feature this combination, and it is worth trying. The pizza is made a little different. The crust is the same, but instead of tomato sauce, barbeque sauce is used. The chicken is then placed on top, and so is the cheese. It may sound odd, but it does work and taste great. This topping may not be traditional, but it is tasty.

Worst- Prosciutto

This excellent Italian pork product does have a great flavor and goes well with many dishes. Pizza does not happen to be one of them. Prosciutto has a very salt tasty. For some dishes, this salt is overpowering, and pizza is one of them. The saltiness of this product overwhelms the pizza. A person is left tasting nothing but salt. They do not taste anything else on the pizza except salt. Prosciutto should be left for other dishes where the salt can be balanced out.

Best- Pineapple

While pineapple has been a topping for many years and is popular on the Hawaiian pizza, there are still people that are afraid to try it. They think that the pineapple will taste too sweet, and it will not go well with the cheese. No one thinks that fruit will work on a pizza. Pineapple is an exception. Pineapple is expanding beyond the Hawaiian pizza. It can now be used as an independent topping. This flavor goes well with the cheese and the sauce. The pineapple will give the pizza a hint of sweetness, but it is not overpowering.

Worst- Capicola

It is another Italian meat that is thinly sliced and added to most dishes. When added to the right dish, Capicola can have a great flavor. Pizza is not one of these dishes. While people may have gotten the idea that anything Italian can be placed on a pizza, this cured ham does not work. The Capicola has a high-fat content, and this is too much for a pizza already loaded with cheese. When adding this meat, the pizza comes out much too greasy.

Best- Black Olives

Olives and pizza go together very well. The olives give the pizza a little salt, but it is not overwhelming. The olives also add a touch of an Earthly flavor that goes well with the cheese and the dough. Black olives work great on pizza, but other types of olives will go well too.

Worst- Broccoli

This vegetable is a great side dish. It also tastes good when covered with cheese. Broccoli can be stuffed in several recipes that include dough. Broccoli and pizza do not go well together. While some people like it, others do not. The broccoli does not have the best texture when used on pizza.

Best- Bacon

Bacon seems to go well with just about anything. Bacon does great with pizza. The crisp from the bacon adds some texture to the pizza. There is a hint of saltiness that works, but it is not overpowering. Bacon has once again shown that goes with anything, including pizza.

Best – Pepperoni

it is one of the most popular pizza toppings. People all over the world love pepperoni on top of their pizza. Pepperoni cannot be messed up when used on a pizza. When baked on top of the pizza, the pepperoni will become crispy, which will give the pizza some texture. It is salty but not overpowering. The pepperoni is full of flavor and is just what the pizza needs. No wonder why it is the most popular topping for pizza.

Worst- Venison

While venison is a lean alternative to meats, it does not belong on pizza. Venison is very gamey and has a musky and pungent flavor. It does not go well with the crust of cheese. It will take over the pizza and leave an unpleasant taste. Venison is better used in other recipes and should not be put on a pizza.

Best- Ground Beef

Ground beef combines two great things, pizza and a burger. Ground beef goes well with a pizza with other types of meat such as pepperoni and sausage. Ground beef also goes well on a pizza with American cheese. It is like a cheesesteak on a crust. 

Best Gluten-Free

People with gluten sensitiveness can now enjoy pizza. The crust of the pizza is gluten-free. It comes in a 10-inch round side so a person can enjoy their dish. All the toppings are also gluten-free, so a person will not have to worry about the pie.

Best- Cheese

In addition to traditional mozzarella cheese, some other types of cheeses will go right on the pizza. Feta cheese works well, and ricotta cheese is right on a white pizza. Even pie needs some cheese, so a person can be free to experiment with all the different types.


This fresh vegetable will work well on a pizza. It can work on a traditional pizza or a white pizza. A white pizza is made with ricotta cheese and no tomato sauce. Some people think that fresh spinach has a little bit of a bitter taste. The spinach does not taste bitter when mixed with the cheese and the pizza crust. It is one of the most underrated toppings, and a person should try spinach on the pizza the next time that they order it.

These are some of the best and the worst toppings to put on a pizza. While everyone does have different tastes, these worst toppings just do not work well. If you are looking for a fresh and tasty pizza in Royal Oak Mi, call Green Lantern Pizza. We always make pizza fresh and are known for our great flavors. We make pizza just the way you like, and we will help you find toppings that will complement the pizza.

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