Can I order online?

All of our locations offer online ordering. Start your online order by visiting this page and clicking the “Order Online” button.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes. Please use this page to find our closest location’s phone number.

Do your gift cards expire?

Our gift cards do not expire and are accepted at all Green Lantern Pizza locations.

Does Green Lantern Pizza cater?

Yes. You can view our extensive catering menu on this page.

Does Green Lantern Pizza deliver?

Many of our locations offer delivery. Use our Locations page to find a list of all delivery locations.

Does Green Lantern Pizza take reservations?

At this time, we do not take reservations.

Does Green Lantern Pizza have a rewards system?

We do. Please see our Rewards page to learn more.

Does Green Lantern Pizza have an allergen menu?

At this time, only our delivery locations have allergen menus. To view, click here.

Does Green Lantern Pizza have coupons?

Yes. You can gain access to a wide variety of coupons by signing up for our email blasts.
Sign up today by scrolling to the bottom of our homepage and clicking the green “Sign Up Today” button.

Does Green Lantern Pizza have gluten-free pizza and what are the ingredients?

Yes we do offer a Gluten Free Pizza. The ingredients are listed below:
Water, Rice Flour, Modified Rice Starch, Potato Starch, Sugar, Tapioca Starch, Potato Flour, Canola/Olive Oil Blend, Yeast, Salt, Xantham Gum, and Cultered Brown Rice.

Does Green Lantern Pizza sell vegan pizza?

At this time, we do not offer vegan pizza.

How can I apply to Green Lantern Pizza?

Head to our Employment page and click the red “Apply Online” button.

How do I request sponsorship?

As an established business in the Metro-Detroit area, we receive many sponsorship requests. To request sponsorship, please fill out our Contact Us form.

Is Green Lantern Pizza’s sauce spicy?

Our sauce is not spicy.


Yes, pizza boxes are recyclable — but their viability depends on how clean they are. Leftover cheese, crumbs and grease make cardboard unrecyclable, leading to potential issues at the recycling plant. Soiled boxes can also contaminate other objects in the bin or bag. You can trim away or remove questionable areas before recycling pizza boxes to eliminate any risk to the process.


Pizza boxes are compostable and break down pretty quickly. For that reason, composting might be the easiest and the best way to eliminate your pizza boxes. Whether you use a compost bin or have a composting setup at home, boxes caked in grease, sauce and cheese are perfect additions.

Some local municipalities offer compost pickups or can supply you with materials if you don’t already have a heap. If you have your own composting system, you can throw the box in or cut it up for a faster decomposition with any leftovers still attached. 


Pizza boxes are typically constructed from multilayered, corrugated cardboard, so they’re among the most biodegradable food containers. You can effortlessly dispose of your contaminated boxes in the right environment.

At Green Lantern Pizza, we take extra steps to ensure our boxes are better for the planet with our dedication to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®. With a Certified Sourcing label, we display our commitment to obtaining materials from recycled content and certified forests. We strive to create a seamless supply chain.

Is it safe to save payment information on the online ordering pages?


What is the history behind Green Lantern Pizza?

Visit our History page to explore our rich history.

What is the process for ordering an e-gift card?

  1. First you will click this link to visit our e-gift card portal.
  2. Next you will fill out all of the requested information.
  3. Once you have completed this, you then put in your payment information.
  4. After hitting the purchase button, you will then be sent an activation email. (please check your spam folder if you do not receive.)
  5. In the activation email, click the big blue button. This will activate your gift card.
  6. Next, you will receive your final email with the gift card number and pin number. You will need both of these to use your gift card.

Please note: If you are sending this gift card to another pizza lover, they will get the activation email and will have to activate the card themselves.

Where can you get a physical gift card?

You can get a physical plastic gift card by visiting any Green Lantern Pizza location.

What is your privacy policy?

Please see our Privacy Policy page.

What’s the best way to reheat a pizza from Green Lantern Pizza?

Please see our “How to Reheat Pizza” guide.

Where can I find information about calories, nutrition facts, and ingredients?

We’re currently working hard to provide this information to our customers.

Where can I find Green Lantern Pizza menu?

We currently have four different menus:

– Carryout/Delivery
– Restaurant/Bar
– Original Madison Heights
– Catering

Which Green Lantern Pizza location is closest to me?

To find the closest GLP location to you, visit our Location page.

Whom should I contact with a question?

If you have a question that wasn’t answered on this page, please submit our Contact Us form. A member of our team will get in touch with you shortly.