We’ll take any of the above. Over a half-century of slinging delicious pies solidified our footprint in the pizza world, and we’re not trying to brag. We just love what we do, what we make, and the people we meet.

Green Lantern Pizza was born when Thomas and Irene Vettraino bought an old farmhouse along with its green lantern. The green lantern was a holdover from a darker time — the Prohibition era. Legend holds that a green lantern in front of an establishment meant that you were able to purchase alcohol there. Something most of us can get behind.

Today, we like to keep it casual, fun, and just a little funky to keep you on your toes. But we work hard. Hard at keeping our people happy. Hard at keeping everyone smiling. And extra hard at making the best pizza possible.

Come on in.
We’re waiting for you.