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Want to enjoy a delectable pizza but not sure what to get? We’ve got you covered. With so many different pizza combos, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and fall back on the selections you already know. If you’re looking for excellent pizza topping combinations, read on. From meats to veggies and classic to unusual, there’s no end to the pizza combos you can create. Check out this guide to discover the best pizza topping combos and your new favorite pizza. 

Carnivores’ Combos

Meat-heavy toppings are a mouthwatering pizza build for all the carnivores out there. Throw together your favorite meat toppings and enjoy a savory pizza that always satisfies. Make these meat-only combos a staple of your pizza order and get unmatched flavor every time you order out. 

Pepperoni and Sausage

A fan-favorite for everyone who loves meat, this combo of cured toppings is an excellent savory choice. While it’s not as topping-heavy as some of the other pizzas on this list, the spicy, smoky pairing of sausage and pepperoni is sure to please.

BBQ Chicken

Love BBQ chicken? Why not try it on a pizza? This pizza puts a delicious spin on a classic game day food. With red onion, bacon, marinated chicken breast and BBQ sauce topping this pie, you’re in for a fantastic treat. It’s a meat lover’s dream — tangy, savory and all-around delicious. Dip it in ranch dressing for an even better experience when you order your smoky BBQ pizza. 

Meat Lovers

Pile every meat option available onto your pizza and build the peak of meat pizzas. One of these pizzas might include pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, bacon and ground beef on top of a cheesy base. Enjoy an explosion of savory textures and flavors with every meat option on the menu. Throw some red pepper flakes and parmesan on top, and enjoy! 

Vegetarian Combos

Whether you’re a committed vegetarian or just want to enjoy a delicious veggie pizza, there are tons of great combinations to try next time you order a pizza. Build your perfect custom veggie pizza by combining your garden favorites. Try out the following combos for a bright, crisp slice when you get a pizza craving. 

Mediterranean Pizza

This delicious vegetarian pizza is inspired by several staples of Mediterranean foods. Combine feta cheese, black olives, spinach, artichokes, tomatoes and red onions with your own drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette for an out-of-this-world veggie experience. Add some parmesan and red pepper flakes for a little extra flavor and dig in. 

Veggie Overload

This combo is a veggie lover’s dream. Throw every vegetable you can on your pizza and enjoy a vibrant, delicious meal. Include mushrooms, red onion, green pepper, mild pepper rings, jalapeños, tomato, green olives, black olives, artichoke, spinach and roasted garlic. Enjoy the crunchy, fresh taste of veggies with this fantastic pie.

Unusual Combos

While everyone has their favorite toppings, sometimes you want a little adventure. Play around with pizza toppings and try a flavor combination you’ve never had before. Pizza is the ultimate food for unique combinations, so don’t be afraid to explore! Here are some unusual pizza combos to get your creative juices flowing and your taste buds jumping. 

Chicken Bacon Ranch

This tangy, juicy topping combo brings all the best flavors to your pizza. The iconic ranch flavor adds a new dimension to the savory chicken and bacon, while the bacon gives the pie a much-needed crunch. Throw some of your own hot sauce on top to give it a nice kick. 



We all love a good BLT. Piled high with smoky bacon, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato and mayonnaise, this classic sandwich is simple yet satisfying. So why not turn it into a pizza? Order one of these, kick back with a delicious beverage or salad and enjoy a fresh, tasty slice with friends. 

Classic Combos

If you need to work your way up to some of the more adventurous toppings, you can never go wrong with some classic pizza topping combinations. These pizzas are tried and true favorites, guaranteed to please whenever you’re craving some cheesy, saucy goodness. These classic combos are always delicious and readily available with toppings for meat fans and veggie-eaters alike. 


Although it may spark the most controversy of any topping combination, there’s no denying Hawaiian pizza is a classic. While cheese, ham and pineapple might sound strange to you initially, this pizza is the perfect balance between salty and sweet. Hawaiian is the perfect combo for a deep-dish pizza — the juicy, lush pineapple brings out the salty ham and warm cheese. Combining the fruit’s bright flavors with the umami notes in the meat and cheese makes this combo a showstopper every time.  

Mushroom and Olive

Throw together a simple mushroom and black olive pizza for a subtle veggie combo. Enjoy the pairing of slightly salty black olives and rich mushrooms when you’re craving texture and flavor on your pizza. While pepperoni and sausage have a stronger, meatier taste, mushrooms and olives give you that delicious savory kick without overwhelming your mouth. Get some sweet, sweet veggie goodness with this classic combo. 

Extra Cheese

While not as varied in flavor as some other pizza combinations, you can never go wrong with extra cheese. The more cheese you add, the better your pizza will taste — pile on the parmesan to get the most cheese possible. Ask for extra mozzarella and feta to enjoy a creamy, chewy slice whenever you’re craving some delicious dairy. 


Finally, loading up your pizza with all the toppings will let you enjoy every flavor your pizza place has to offer. Peppers, olives, mushrooms, pepperoni, ham, ground beef, sausage, jalapenos and more — this is the pizza to pick when you just can’t decide. The varied textures, tastes and smells will leave you experiencing a whole new range of sensations. Pile on the toppings and get the ultimate in taste with this pie. 

Try a New Pizza Topping at Green Lantern Pizza

Try a New Pizza Topping at Green Lantern Pizza

Whether you want to try something new or stick with a classic combo, Green Lantern Pizza has the toppings for you. We have seven locations around the larger Metro Detroit area, so you always have easy access to fresh, great-tasting pizza. Find your perfect pizza concoction, salad or sandwich with our online menu and stop by for some incredible eats today!