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Do you have leftover pizza in the fridge, or did the pizza arrive at your doorstep cold? Taking the slices out of the box and putting them on a plate before warming the pizza in the microwave can seem like so much work. The easier option would be to put the whole box in the microwave — but is it safe? Continue reading to learn whether you can microwave your pizza right in the box.

Can You Put a Pizza Box in the Microwave?

Most standard pizza boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, a material composed of three layers of paper liners. The primary purpose of the container is delivery. Cardboard is a flammable material that can easily catch fire when exposed to sparks or open flames. However, putting pizza boxes in the microwave for a short time is generally safe. 

Some pizza boxes have microwave-safe labels and instructions written on them, so be sure to check the box for these before reheating the pizza. Keep the reheating under one minute and check on the box after the first 30 seconds. It would typically take a temperature higher than 400°F for the box to burn. 

Are All Pizza Boxes Microwave-Safe?

While many pizza boxes are safe to put in the microwave, that doesn’t include all of them. The main distinction is the construction of the box and the materials used. Some boxes contain paper coating or plastic glue that may be flammable when heated. The glue or other type of adhesive can also release chemicals into your pizza. 

Other pizza boxes can contain metal parts either on the outside or inside of the box. Putting anything that has metal in a microwave is hazardous because this material is flammable and can cause damage to the appliance. If your pizza box does not have instructions or contains potentially harmful materials, the best method of reheating pizza in the microwave is placing it on a dish and heating it at a high temperature for 45 seconds.

Things to Consider When Microwaving Pizza Boxes 

While microwaving pizza boxes is generally safe and easy, you should consider several elements when using this method: 

  • Read all the packaging labels and instructions. 
  • Check the materials the box is made of before putting it in the microwave. 
  • Make sure the pizza is in the container to avoid heating an empty box. 
  • Use a low heat setting and microwave for a short amount of time. 

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