With the holiday season in full swing, the majority of us can be quite busy. There can be quite a large number of reasons why this is the case. Many of us might still be doing some present shopping in the last-minute. And often there’s quite a large number of parties and other functions that we often need to get to. This could be quite tricky because some of us also still have work when getting all of this done.

We might not have the time or energy to cook every night. It could mean that a lot of us will end up getting a variety of takeaways and deliveries during the holiday season.

It’s also true that many of us may need to get these for the various parties and functions. What could make this worse is the weather; this may inevitably mean that many of us might find it too cold to get up and cook.

As a result of this, many of us will find ourselves opting for a pizza instead of cooking. For a lot of us, this could be more than we usually would during the rest of the year. Since it’s the holidays, though, this could be forgiven.

However, this leads to the question of what the best pizza in Detroit area is for the holidays. There can be a variety of different answers to this, with many of them depending on personal preference.

Despite this, there seems to be a variety of options that stand out from the rest. Some are more popular, and better-recommended, during the holiday season than others. While some might be obvious, and some wouldn’t be.

If you’re looking for the best pizza in the Detroit area for the holiday season, then there are a few of them that you might want to consider.

Best Pizza Options For The Winter Holidays


Naturally, getting a custom pizza can often be one of the better-recommended options to choose from when deciding. There are quite a few reasons why this is the case. Naturally, the most notable of these is that you’ll be able to get everything you want on the pizza.

Who wouldn’t want the ability to personalize their pizza until its perfect? With the vast range of toppings that are on offer, there shouldn’t be any limits to your custom pizza. If you’re ordering one for a decent-sized group, then this could be one of the better options, as everyone should be able to get the toppings they want.

Lastly is the fact that you can take advantage of a few unique topping combinations. If you feel like experimenting with your pizza toppings a little bit, then this could be the perfect option for the holidays.


Best Pizza In Detroit Area

BBQ Chicken

With the cold setting in for the winter, quite a large number of us might want to choose a takeaway or delivery that offers a particular kick. However, many of us might not be able to handle the heat that often comes with jalapeno or strong pepper. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to find some middle ground.

Instead, you could choose the BBQ chicken option, which offers a certain amount of kick without burning a hole in your mouth. As such, it should be warm enough to put up with the cold but mild enough that it wouldn’t be painful.

On top of the chicken and BBQ sauce, you’ll get bacon, cheese, and red onion, so the choice is packed full of flavor.

Tommy’s Super Special

There’s a substantial chance that many of us wouldn’t want to choose a custom pizza, although we still want something a bit different. Sometimes, many of us might get a little bit bored with the standard options, which is why customizing a pizza has been so famous.

However, you can still get something a little different without having to worry about spending a lot of time deciding on toppings. This is where Tommy’s Super Special comes in, as it has several toppings that you should find appealing.

The more notable of these is the ham, cheese, mushroom, and pepperoni. However, it’s the green pepper that helps it stand out from others. Not only does this add an extra layer to the pizza, but it could also be great for dealing with the cold.

This could make it one of the better options if you’re looking to get a little bit of extra spice with your order. However, it’s worth noting that there’s quite a kick to this, so it might not be recommended for people who can’t handle the heat.


With the winter weather set in, many of us might be daydreaming of sunnier places. Naturally, this mightn’t be possible for a lot of us, although a Hawaiian pizza could be the next best thing.

Featuring cheese, ham, and pineapple, this could be enough to help take your mind off of the winter weather. While pineapple on pizza may be controversial for some people, at Green Lantern Pizza, it’s just tasty.

What Size Pizza To Get?

While many of us might already have specific pizza sizes in mind, there could be a chance that you might be hosting a small party and have guests over. Naturally, this means that you’ll need to consider what size pizza to get.

In most cases, it’s recommended that you get more than you think you’ll need. After all, nobody wants their guests to go hungry or have the food run out during the party. On the other hand, however, if you’ve got leftovers, then that might not be a bad thing.

There’s little that’s better than leftover pizza, especially after a party, so that it could be a win-win for everyone.

What Else To Order?

Nobody ever just gets a pizza delivered. Instead, they always get a variety of side dishes and more to go along with it. However, this then begs the question of what else should you get with the pizza this holiday season. While there’s quite a significant number of options to choose from, there are a few that may be more interesting than others.

At Green Lantern Pizza, we’ve got a variety of sides and other options that you’ll be able to choose from with your pizza. We’ve made sure that all of these perfectly compliment each other and should give you a high-quality meal.

If you’re looking to go with something slightly holiday-themed, then why not try the Stacked Turkey sandwich? Featuring turkey, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and swiss cheese, this could be one of the most Christmas-themed options for many of us. Who doesn’t like a nice turkey sandwich during the holidays?

Alongside this is the Corned Beef option, which could be another notable option for many of us while also being slightly holiday-themed. If you’re looking for something with a little extra kick, then there’s also the Green Lantern Reuben.

Featuring a choice of either turkey or corned beef, you can get swiss cheese, thousand island dressing, and our famous slaw, all cooked up in the Green Lantern Pizza Reuben style. While it may not be the most traditional sandwich to have during the holidays, it could add quite a unique twist on a classic.

Naturally, there are quite a significant number of things that could decide what the best pizza in Detroit area may be. A lot of this will come down to personal preference, as we all prefer different toppings, sizes, and much more. If you’re looking for a recommended option during the holidays, however, all of the above could be suggested.

One of the main reasons for this is that many of them help add a certain amount of spice to your delivery. It could be well-warranted during the winter months, which are often much colder than the majority of us would prefer. For a bit of extra heat with your food, then all of the above are highly recommended.

It’s a fact that all of the above have been favorites for quite a significant amount of time. With a crowd-pleasing taste, you shouldn’t have any problem satisfying guests with any of the above pizza options. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure that you get enough for everybody.

With how well-liked all of the above is, it’s worth ordering a little bit more than you might expect to eat. After all, making sure that everyone’s well-fed is one of the primary jobs of a host. Alongside this is what the holidays are the perfect time to put on a little bit of extra weight, so why not have a few extra slices?

Regardless of whether you’re getting a custom pizza or a chicken BBQ, you’ll be able to satisfy your needs at Green Lantern Pizza. What’s stopping you from picking up some of the best pizza in the Detroit area today? We promise you will not be disappointed. Happy holidays!

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