Everywhere you look these days. Various vegetarian options are popping up on menus and at the grocery store. As a vegetarian or curious about the trend, you do not have to ask where the best veggie pizza is nearby. Green Lantern Pizza has you covered with the best veggie options available.

Maybe the idea of veggie pizza doesn’t get you super excited, but we ask that you give us a chance to change your mind with our delicious line of veggie options. 

Why are people going vegetarian all of a sudden?

There are a lot of reasons that people are going vegetarian. Some nutritionists say that vegetarian diets are better for your heart or people with diabetes. A plant-based diet is healthier for the environment. Other people choose to be vegetarian for moral reasons or just because they aren’t a big fan of meat, to begin. Whatever the reason, there are more vegetarians than ever, and that means more vegetarian options are available on menus wherever you go. You might as well take advantage of all these new menu options for yourself.

Margherita Pizza from Green Lantern

The idea of going vegetarian may not be for you, and that’s okay. But the good news is that you don’t have to become a vegetarian to enjoy veggie pizza! 

What’s the big deal about vegetarian pizza?

Veggie pizza is delicious. There are no two ways about that. Most people include some veggies when they list off their favorite pizza toppings. You know what a pizza with sausage or pepperoni tastes like. No matter how many vegetables you add to a meat-heavy pizza, the sausage and pepperoni are going to dominate the flavors. Sometimes you just need to try something new and veggie pizza is a great way to do that. You know it’s going to be good. Pizza is always right. 

Step outside of your comfort zone and ditch the pepperoni! Instead of relegating the vegetables to second-stringers, it’s time to give these often overlooked toppings a chance to shine! Trying different combinations of vegetables to get different taste experiences is easy. Are you looking for something earthy and filling? Try mushrooms and black olives. Want something light that won’t weigh you down? Green peppers, onions, and fresh tomato will keep you light on your feet. Are you feeling indulgent? Go for the Vegetarian specialty and snag your five favorite veggies for a pie that’s piled high. Veggies offer a more extensive range of flavors than you might give them credit. 

Vegetarian pies are some of the most popular types of pizza all over the country, and they are only getting more popular every year. With all kinds of choices, there is always something for everyone, even the so-called “veggie hater” in your family. There’s bound to be something for everyone. Yes, even the pickiest eaters! (A plain cheese pizza is still technically vegetarian!)

Are you interested in trying out a few veggie pies? We have a bunch of great options for you. No matter what combination you choose, there are no bad options as we only offer the highest quality ingredients handpicked for the best pizzas we can make. You don’t have to sacrifice taste when you go vegetarian. You can achieve something uniquely different or similar to what you’re used to, depending on the flavor combinations that you choose.

What does being vegetarian mean?

Vegetarians choose not to eat meat or fish. That means no sausage, pepperoni, anchovies, bacon, or ham! However, vegetarians do eat some animal products like eggs, honey, milk, and cheese. It doesn’t limit the options as much as you might fear!

That means that pizza dough, sauce, and cheese are all vegetarian, so have no fear, the building blocks of a great pizza are all still on the table. After all, with sauce, cheese, and a good crust, anything is possible. 

Vegetarians aren’t all health buffs. There are plenty of vegetarians that would be happy to load up a pizza with all of the toppings they can get and pig out as much as the best meat eaters out there. There’s no fun in making your favorite treat too healthy. You can still have an indulgent, filling, and satisfying vegetarian pizza.

Now that you know what you can’t have on a vegetarian pie, the question remains, what can you put on one?

What are your veggie topping options?

Building a delicious vegetarian pizza is easy, with a variety of excellent veggie options. We offer only the highest quality veggies on our menu and a large variety to choose from. You can choose from the following: mushroom, onion, green pepper, mild pepper rings, jalapeno, green olives, fresh tomato, pineapple, black olives, cheese, and feta. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you not sure where to get started? Are you stuck staring at your options and unsure what combinations would taste good? 

Let us help! Here are just a few of our favorite taste combinations. Put any one of these line-ups on our Vegetarian specialty pizza just to give it a try. 

  • Green pepper, onion, mushroom, black olives, and feta.
  • Fresh tomato, black olives, feta, and mild pepper rings.
  • Jalapeno, pineapple, green olives, black olives, and extra cheese.
  • Mushroom, black olives, red onion, feta, and green peppers.

No matter what combinations you choose, you can rest assured that it will be delicious. After all, you should not have to ask who has the best veggie pizza near you. Green Lantern Pizza has you covered.

Any pizza can be made vegetarian with some substitutions

It’s easy to look at any menu and feel like your veggie pizza options are limited. At first glance, you might think that you have only one or two options. We don’t want you to feel that way, so don’t be discouraged!

Here are some ideas for how to change up our specialty pizzas to make them vegetarian that can get you started down this path. These options aim to keep the same experience that our specialty pies offer while staying entirely vegetarian.

  • Hawaiian: Sub black olives or mushrooms for the ham. If you’re missing some of that saltiness from the ham, then green olives are the way to go.
  • BLT: Sub in red onion for bacon for a similar texture and just a little bite.
  • Chicken Siciliano: Take the chicken off and then add some mushrooms for the same meaty texture. 
  • John’s Jumbo Supreme: It’s easy to take off the pepperoni. Sub red onion or mild pepper rings for a similar bite.
  • Tommy’s Super Special: Remove the pepperoni and ham. Like some of the other pizzas, add mild pepper rings, black olives, and onions for a similar taste experience.
  • BBQ Chicken: take off the chicken and bacon and add mushrooms and jalapenos. If you’re feeling adventurous, then try pineapple, which is an excellent complement to BBQ sauce for a sweet and tangy flavor.
  • Verde Good: Sub mild pepper rings or onion for the chicken on this thin-crust pie.

Have you come up with a favorite vegetarian pie of your own? Let us know!

Are you not convinced yet?

If you are not convinced to give veggie pizza a shot, then give us a chance to win you over. Come on into any Green Lantern Pizza locations, and let us show you how veggie pizza will blow your mind. Ask any of our staff to recommend their favorite delicious vegetarian pie, and you’ll see what we mean. Will a veggie pizza replace your favorite classic pepperoni? Maybe or maybe not. You won’t know until you try it! But even if it doesn’t, having more than one go-to pizza has never hurt anyone! 

Why don’t you grab an order of Lantern bread on the side and some cinnamon bread for dessert while you’re at it? Both are great vegetarian accompaniments to complement your new favorite veggie pie. 

You can order online for delivery or come into any of our seven convenient locations. 

Green Lantern Pizza has been in the pizza business since 1955. We know pizza better than anyone, and we won’t steer you wrong. We love what we do, and that’s why you never have to ask who has the best veggie pizza near you. The answer is Green Lantern Pizza! We are here to make the best possible pizza and to keep you smiling as we have for the last 55 years!

Come to one of our locations! We’re waiting for you.

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