Where Can I Find The Best Pizza?

It’s late at night, you and your friends are enjoying a movie night with a scary movie. You all get hungry for something savory. Why not choose pizza? Or you and your friends playing late-night videogames and none of you want to cook anything or maybe you just don’t have enough food to serve? Pizza could be a great option. Order your choice of pizza and your favorite toppings. Get your choice of pizza delivered straight to you!

The best pizza will have nothing but the freshest toppings. Rich and savory pizza sauce made from real tomatoes and fresh garlic. The smell of freshly baked pizza dough is like no other. All the mouth-watering seasonings that go into Green Lantern Pizza are delectable and flavorful. Are you wanting to throw a birthday party, but just aren’t sure what to order? Why not choose Green Lantern Pizza! Pizza is a great option for any party.

The enticing toppings are adequately put on each pizza one by one. The staff at Green Lantern Pizza loves what they do and they want to make pizzas that everyone is bound to love. Why not try the many other options on the menu? Salads made from crisp and raw lettuce. Chicken wings made from real chickens with seasoned sauces. Submarine sub sandwiches made from only the freshest of ingredients.

Bread made from the most delicate dough. Sandwiches different from the sub sandwich but still just as equally good. Can you smell the fresh foods in the air? I can! You may find yourself coming back for more! You can order online or in-person for a Late Night Delivery!

You and your friends are watching the big sports game that you all have been waiting for all week. Of course your not going to feel like cooking, so just order your choice of pizza and be a good host. Everyone loves pizza.


Thomas and Irene Vettraino bought an old farmhouse along with its green lantern in 1955 which turned into the Green Lantern Pizza company. Why mention the green lantern? Initially, green lanterns placed in front of a building means alcohol is available for purchase there. In today’s time, we like to keep everything extempore. The first pizza ever was made in 1889. We have come along way since the first pizza was made. No Joke! Pizzas have always been good since the beginning, but we have perfected a way to make every bite more flavorful.

What Types Of Pizzas Can You Order?

There are different types of flavorsome pizzas at Green Lantern Pizza for all taste buds. You can build your pizza.

Mini – $7.99
10” / 4 slices
Toppings: $1.09
Xtra cheese/feta: $1.25
Chicken: $1.79

Medium – $9.99
12” / 6 slices
Toppings: $1.29
Xtra cheese/feta: $1.65
Chicken: $2.39

Large – $12.49
14” / 8 slices
Toppings: $1.59
Xtra cheese/feta: $2.30
Chicken: $2.79

X-Large – $14.99
16” / 10 slices
Toppings: $1.89
Xtra cheese/feta: $2.70
Chicken: $3.49

Savory Toppings To Choose From
Black olive
Green Pepper
Italian sausage
Ground Beef
Mild pepper rings

We all have our favorite type of toppings we want on our pizza. Whatever delicious variants of toppings you choose will go great on any pizza. Stomach growling?
Late-night hunger? Get a Late Night Pizza Delivery!

Are you in college and often have late-night study sessions? You don’t always have the time to cook, so just order your favorite Green Lantern Pizza.

Specialty Pizza

Fresh dough, cheese, sauces, toppings, and whatever else you want on your pizza. There is nowhere else to get it that will taste nearly as good as when you order your pizza from Green Lantern Pizza.

Cheese, Ham, and Pineapple
Mini – $9.99
Medium – $11.99
Large – $14.99
X-Large – $17.49

BLT Pizza
Cheese, Bacon, Crisp lettuce, Fresh tomato, and Mayonnaise
Mini – $10.49
Medium – $13.99
Large – $17.99
X-Large – $20.99

John’s Jumbo Supreme
Cheese, Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Green pepper
Mini – $10.99
Medium – $12.99
Large – $16.49
X-Large – $19.99

Tommy’s Super Special
Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, Mushroom, and Green pepper
Mini – $11.99
Medium – $14.49
Large – $17.99
X-Large – $21.49


Specially for our veg lovers we have our menu all ready to provide you with a variety of veg toppings.
Cheese, and Your favorite 5 veggie toppings
Mini – $10.99
Medium – $13.99
Large – $16.99
X-Large – $20.99

BBQ Chicken
Cheese, BBQ sauce, Marinated chicken breast, Red onion, and Bacon
Mini – $10.49
Medium – $13.99
Large – $17.99
X-Large – $21.99

Meat Lovers
Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, Ground beef, Italian sausage, Bacon
Mini – $12.49
Medium – $14.99
Large – $18.99
X-Large – $21.99

Chicken Siciliano
Cheese, Garlic butter, Marinated chicken breast, Red onion, Tomato, Mild pepper rings, Feta, and Oregano
Mini – $11.99
Medium – $14.99
Large – $18.99
X-Large – $21.99

Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, Mushroom, Green pepper, Onion, Ground beef, Sausage, Mild pepper rings, Bacon, Black olive
Mini – $12.99
Medium – $16.49
Large – $19.99
X-Large – $22.99

Gluten-Free Pizza
10 inch round only!
Toppings – $1.09 each

8 corner square pizza
Toppings – $1.79 each

Get your pizza delivered right to your door! You can now get Late Night Pizza Delivery!

Green Lantern Pizza understands there people and also know that there are some occasions when you get sudden guest at your place in the middle of the night and you don’t have anything to offer in food, Considering that and to help you in those situations we have our services running late at night which is only an order away.

Apps and Sides

Lantern Bread
Oven-baked pizza dough, topped with cheese, garlic butter served with pizza sauce
10 pieces – $6.99
20 pieces – 9.99

Chicken Tenders
Juicy strips of chicken breast lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown perfection. $7.99

Cinnamon Bread

Lantern or Boneless Wings
BBQ, Honey BBQ, Gen, TSO’s, Medium, Spicy, Garlic parmesan, Blazin’, or Plain
8 pieces – $7.99
12 pieces – $10.99
25 pieces – $21.99

Submarine Sub Sandwiches
Everyone loves submarine sub sandwiches! Try Green Lantern’s sub sandwiches to drive your tastebuds wild.

Italian Sub
Freshly sliced ham, salami, and provolone cheese topped with GLP’s famous coleslaw.
6” – $3.99
12” – $7.99

Double Meat and Cheese
GLP’s Italian sub with double the meat and cheese.
6” – $4.99
12” – $8.99

Crispy, crunchy lettuce with any topping you choose and tasteful dressing on the side. YUM! Calling all salad lovers! Get your salad today!

Iceberg/ Romaine blend, Salami, Ham, Mozzarella, Red onion, Black olive, and Egg

Iceberg/ Romaine blend, Topped with Tomato, Cucumber, Green pepper, Red onion, Black olive, and Pepperoncini, and Cheese- Small $1.00 Large $2.00

Iceberg/ Romaine blend, Salami, Ham, Mozzarella, Red onion, Black olive, Egg

Regular sandwiches are boring! You need to try Green Lantern’s handmade sandwiches made with fresh ingredients.

Stacked Ham and Cheese
Shaved ham, Lettuce, Tomato, American cheese, and Mayonnaise

Stacked Turkey
Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato, Swiss cheese, and Mayonnaise

Corned Beef
Corned beef, Lettuce, Tomato, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing

Green Lantern Reuben
Choice of Corned beef or Turkey, Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing, and GLP’s famous Coleslaw. The Reuben Green Lantern Pizza Style!


Going to have a late night Party! You can select easily form the packages available

1 – UP TO 15 PEOPLE 3 XL One Topping Pizzas. 2 – 30pc Lantern Breads. 1 Family Salad. $94.99

2 – UP TO 30 PEOPLE 6 XL One Topping Pizzas. 2 – 40pc Lantern Breads. 1 Party Salad. $159.99

3 – UP TO 45 PEOPLE 9 XL One Topping Pizzas. 3 – 40pc Lantern Breads. 1 Party & Family Salad. $249.99

Get Your Late Night Pizza Delivery Today!

Green Lantern Pizza restaurant and bars are located in various areas all over the state of Michigan. You can get your order in-person or online. Don’t forget you now get Late Night Delivery! All of these Green Lantern Pizza locations are opened until eleven O’clock in the afternoon.

Order any type of pizza options you desire. Pizza is the go-to food! He loves pizza! She loves pizza! They love pizza! We love pizza! Everyone loves pizza. Order your pizza for any occasion. Green Lantern Pizza stays open late, so you can order at night when your having those late-night cravings which we all have. The pizza pie is such a tempting order.

Pizza can be an appropriate option if you’ve got a text or call that a family member is on their way to your house. You’re going to feel like a bad hostess if you don’t provide food quickly. Order fast delivery pizza and keep your guests happy.


Why are you still sitting there? Get up! Go get some Green Lantern Pizza! We have a Late Night Pizza Delivery! Don’t let late-night hunger get the best of you! Get your pizza! I can not believe how amazing their pizza tastes! If your pizza fanatic like we are then you will love Green Lantern Pizza!

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